Praise for the P.E.P. Method

I am beyond grateful for the extraordinary opportunity to work with Heidi & Mike Metro in their P.E.P. Method. By preparing a Personalized Evolution Plan specifically for my needs, Heidi and Mike have created a wonderful trifecta of support; addressing my nutritional, fitness AND emotional needs. With work and dedication, this method has and continues to bring so much freedom to my life. The principles help me to simplify and value the things that truly nourish and strengthen my body and enhance my life. I can’t imagine a safer, more supportive or healing place to be on this journey than Metro Health & Fitness Studio!
~Carrie V

I recommend the PEP program to anyone ready to embrace feeling healthier and happier.  If you are facing chronic health issues and are tired of being tired and low energy, this is the change you can make.  Just commit to the healthier choices in eating.  Heidi and Mike are there to support your choices and help you find a new way to live.
~Judie B

Say goodbye to uneasy, unpredictable digestive issues that cause anxiety, hopelessness and despair!  The PEP program has morphed into a daily way of life for me.  The keys to my successes were scheduled sessions with Heidi and Mike and prompt and consistent support from them whenever I reached out with a dilemma, to vent, or share a success.  Empathy, advice, humor, and brainstorming have been my reward during these conversations.  Their tools changed the way I think about food, jumpstarted the logistics of planning for healthy eating, and allowed me to discover do-able and enjoyable ways to move my  body.  I have had access to chats, encouragement, and resources for creating consistent soul time.  The learning is ongoing, never stale.  I’m so grateful for the changes I continue to experience and the contentment and joy that now appear consistently in my new life.  PEP is the
whole package.
~Sophia R

Praise for Heidi

I made it a priority to see Heidi once a month.  The difference I have felt is truly amazing.  Her knowledge of massage and wisdom of words leaves me so upbeat every time I see her.  It isn’t just a massage, though that is spectacular!  Our talks are refreshing and supportive and understanding.  I look forward to my monthly visits and will continue to make them a priority for my health. Beth W
An absolutely amazing experience. It truly is a healing session. I felt renewed and believe that I can be a better version of me. Heidi is amazing and her insight is inspiring. I’m so excited to continue my sessions with her. Jessica K
A gifted, insightful giver. Heidi planned time to guide my experience, gave me tools for my journey and through intentional massage, I feel renewed and empowered. Kristi M

Praise for Mike

Amazing things happen when you take that leap to call Mike! Mike really was in tune to my needs and areas I needed to work on. I really just intended to do a few months, but I’m hooked and never thought I could feel this great. I’m 53 and rocking harder then I did in my 20’s! Thanks Mike you’re amazing and I LOVE the laid back style of working out, it never feels overwhelming and I’m super happy with the results so far! Highlight of my week is my morning workouts with Mike!! Elizabeth O from River Falls,WI

I have been working with Michael for five months. I have been struggling with back pain for much of my life and I had back surgery one year ago. Through my workouts and weight lifting with Michael, I have built up my strength and my confidence. He has been encouraging even through a scary “back out” and I was able to keep working out and improving even through that set back. He sends me encouraging emails with information about nutrition, meditation and fitness. Michael is supportive and helpful and is dedicated to my well being. His integrity and commitment to me have helped me to feel strong and to be off of all pain medication. I strongly recommend him as a personal trainer. Chris C from Hudson, WI

Mike first met with me to discuss and understand my training desires and goals. He then develops an individualized training program. In my case this includes working select muscle groups to achieve the desired outcome. In only three months – on my schedule, 2 or 3 times a week – I’m pleased with the very noticeable results in muscle mass gain, flexibility and the increase in energy and stamina. Mike also provides practical advise on workout schedules, stretching, recovery and nutrition strategies. If you thought you couldn’t afford a personal trainer, think again.Mike offers a convenient and economical way to reach your fitness goals! Tom R from Afton, MN