At Metro Health & Fitness Studio the emphasis is habits. We KNOW that when you Eat, Move, Rest & Repeat in a way that sustains you, empowers you, and implements harmony, you’ll have guaranteed success.

Our clients are diverse, however, the one resounding trait that they share is they are CAREGIVERS at heart: teachers, parents, business-owners, health practitioners, and grandparents. We serve the population who serves the population! What a gift!

We know that comprehensive health, the health of the mind, body, and soul, is a journey and requires a personal evolution. Enter… The P.E.P. (Personalized Evolution Plan) Method! It includes:

EAT: Oh yes. And you’ll eat! A lot! We’ll teach you and guide you as you learn what foods work for you and what foods don’t. This is not a diet or about deprivation for a short-term goal. This is a lifestyle that puts you in control and gives you a sense of FREEDOM! Think fuel. Think delicious experiences. Think peace. Finally.

MOVE: There are those like Mike who love to work out. And there are those like Heidi who like to be DONE working out. We serve both. Mike will tune into your natural talents and combine it with interesting movement and fitness challenges that work your mind and body, and connect you to your soul.

REST: Yes. You need it. Getting bodywork with Heidi will cue you in to your body in a deeper way. Not only will you recover faster from your sessions with Mike, you’ll also learn to slow your roll and sit within your body and spirit. It’s an integral piece of health to be able to slow down and yes, rest.

REPEAT: We want to ensure your continued success. Success looks so different to each person so we’ll uncover your fears, motivations, and unconscious beliefs as we dismantle any ideas that may keep you from your success all while implementing new habits that will serve you for your lifetime. We got you.

Let’s get you in the studio and see if we’re a match. Book your FREE Mindset Match session here.