“Share It Out”

As my kids and I were driving to our adjustments today we were jamming out to some tunes.¬†As I tried to explain what the artist was singing about, Ivy, our 5 year-old said, “Oh, so he’s sharing it out.” I asked her to tell me what she meant and she said, “You know, he’s sharing it out, like I do when I sing or color.” Then the three kiddos all started talking about how we “share it out” through dance, art, music, and this time of year, through giving.
As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, we are focusing on a project we are now calling Operation Share It Out, formerly known as Operation Contrast. We recognize that as a family we are so incredibly blessed. When we talk about our blessings with our kiddos, we also share that because our needs (and truly most of our wants) are met, it is our responsibility to give, and give as much and as often as we can. It’s hard to imagine what others are going through when we are living our comfortable life where we have a lovely home, more than enough food to eat, and our bills are paid.
Up to this point, we’ve made a conscious choice to raise our kiddos in a way that is pretty insulated. And now, it’s important that with their solid and safe foundation, they understand that they really are incredibly blessed and in a position to give. It’s one thing to tell them. It’s another to show them. The contrast is important. Thus, we’re beginning our Sharing It Out Tour tomorrow on Thanksgiving.
As a family, we’ve assembled 11 bags containing hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some lip balm, and a personal note from us. Our plan is to distribute these bags to those who need them who are living near shelters. We’ll keep you posted about how it goes.
As we immerse ourselves in the season of Thanksgiving, please know how sincerely thankful we are to be a part of this incredible community. Truly. May you experience all the blessings of this time of year.
The Metros

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