Share It Out Update

Today my family delivered bags full of gloves, hats, socks, toiletries and a note of encouragement to people in need. We drove down 94 and got off on several exits and handed them out of our car. 11 total.

At one point Mike had to get out and cross the street to a man asking for help. He flinched when Mike put his hand on his shoulder. He was so grateful. I cried from the car.

We asked them their names…Douglas, Paul who was a homeless vet, Theresa, and even a Theo. One man had socks on his hands and immediately tore open the bag to retrieve his new gloves. As I was trying to get my emotions under control I looked in this bag to find this note for the next person. Be brave.

Our children were so happy to help and asked how we could do more. We drove by the community of tents and I was pierced and felt called to serve even more. This was meant to be a lesson in contrast for our kiddos. It’s safe to say I’m changed too.

Share It Out.

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