Welcome from The Metros

Welcome to Metro Health & Fitness Studio!

Let’s break it down…

Metro: Well, that’s our last name. Pronounced Mee-tro, but we get it. It looks like Metro as in Metropolitan. No biggie. But say it with us, “Mee-tro.”

Health: Our core belief is that health is comprehensive. It’s your body, your mind, your thoughts, and your relationship with yourself, others, and Source.

Fitness: Yes, this is physical. And… we also believe that fitness applies to your mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

Studio: When you enter our studio, you will notice a vibe of home, family, and calm. We desire a creative space where we collaborate with you.

Mikes’ studio is bright and ready for you to design your perfect work-out and your empowering work within.

Heidi’s space will bring your attention within and inspire you to bring your work out into the world. The perfect yin/yang.

Check out the studio here.

We’re ready to guide you and put a little P.E.P. in your step. Are you ready?